Ross King (Professor of Korean and Head of Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia)

“Researchers in Korean Studies outside East Asia have long envied their colleagues in Chinese and Japanese Studies for the opportunities available to them for high-level training in advanced academic Chinese and Japanese at the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (formerly known as the ‘Stanford Center’ and based now at Tsinghua University) and the InterUniversity Center for Japanese Language Studies (Yokohama). And many eager students of advanced academic Korean have been frustrated over the years with the lack of high-quality intensive training opportunities, not only in their home countries, but also in the standard 어학당 programs that have proliferated in South Korean universities. The IUC at SKKU is the long-awaited response to this deficit, and is designed specifically for high-achieving advanced learners with a ‘Standard Average European’ language as their first tongue and excellent proficiency in English who have ‘run out of road’ in their Korean language studies.”

Nathaniel Kingdon (Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA), Summer 2015

“I have studied Korean language for over six years at four different institutions and I can honestly say that the IUC Korean language program at Sungkyunkwan University is by far the most effective language course I have taken. The course should be considered an absolute requirement for any student in Korean studies who is not a native speaker. It provides essential practice in reading and writing academic Korean and specialized training in delivering academic presentations and participating in formal discussions. Students also have the opportunity to learn Classical Chinese at a basic or advanced level from experienced instructors. Above all, the course is tailored to the needs of the participants and students are encouraged to incorporate their own research into the curriculum. Due to the small class size and the attention to individual learning, the highly experienced and enthusiastic instructors engage with students more as personal tutors rather than lecturers delivering material from the front of the class.”

Channa Yu (Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University), Fall 2015

“The IUC Advanced Academic Korean Program is uniquely designed to meet the academic needs and interests of its students. From advanced hanja drills to free-range discussions and presentations, the program gave us the flexibility to advance our language competency in our specific concentrations, while strengthening core skills needed to speak and read Korean at a professional level.”

Hae Joo Kim (Ph.D., Wesleyan University), Spring 2016

“Small class size is one of IUC’s biggest strengths. The IUC faculty is committed to clear and steady student progress, and the program provides careful attention to each individual participant. Through the program’s intensive sessions, my academic reading improved noticeably within the first month. The faculty also worked toward tailoring course material around areas of respective academic interest, and they were very helpful in accessing domestic scholars. In addition, my understanding of hanja grew, in both depth and quantity. IUC is an excellent program for Koreanists seeking to upgrade their command of Korean to a high level.”

Max Balhorn (M.A., Dongguk University), Spring 2016

“The curriculum at the IUC Korean language program allowed me to improve my academic Korean language skill to a level that just isn’t possible at a regular language institute. The intensive instruction combined with small class sizes allows for individualized attention that targets each student’s needs. It’s amazing how much I can achieve in a short amount of time.”